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    Cuba:power grid remote control system goes live!

    Union Electrica (UNE), Cuba's national power utility, now has a new control system for its power distribution grid.

    Schneider Electric has just completed this major installation, which includes:
    > Central dispatching located in Havana for the transmission network;
    > Regional dispatching in Holguin for controlling the region's distribution grid;
    > 38 TALUS 2000 remote stations installed in electrical substations, communicating with the dispatching centers (30 for the central dispatching center, 8 for the regional).

    The dispatching centers are supervision centers that let operators have a complete, instant view of the status of all elements in the power grid. They are linked by communication channels made available by the customer and centralize all information from the TALUS stations in charge of local data acquisition.

    The final acceptance of the remote control system was provided by the customer in February 2002, who declared themselves very satisfied with the services delivered. Other contracts are currently being negotiated with UNE, in particular, a second regional dispatching center which, will quickly be an addition to this already remarkable installation.