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    Hannover 2002 : Schneider Electric launches new industrial automation products

    The 6 new products lines represent an investment of 120 million euros.
    Target sales : 500 million euros within three years.

    At the occasion of the Hannover Fair 2002, Schneider Electric is to announce the launch of six new product lines the industrial control and automation market.
    Schneider Electric intends to strengthen its leading position in industrial automation, where it ranks number one in industrial control and number three in industrial automation. The group generates for this business sales of 2.9 billion euros and has a 12% global market share.
    These intelligent, web-enabled products can be used in open and collaborative architectures. With their launch, Schneider Electric intends to pursue the development of new solutions within the framework of its Transparent ReadyTM Web Serving Power & Control. The products, which offer reliability, performance, flexibility and easy installation provide customers, both contractors and OEMs, with an answer to their on-going need to improve the productivity of their equipment.
    These innovating product line-ups, resolutely focused on the future, are based on the latest state-of-the-art market technology.

    > The 6 new product lines are:
    Tesys model U, a starter-controller designed for starting asynchronous motors. This is the first product of its kind to integrate so much intelligence.

    Twido, a programmable controller, for the automation of simple installations and small repetitive machines. Its simple installation and modularity set it appart from other devices of its kind.

    Altistart 48, soft starter unit and Altivar 11 and 38, variable speed drives, designed for controlling asynchronous motors. These news product lines offer high performance, are ready to use due to their factory settings and can be easily installed in any kind of automation architecture.

    «Global Detection», a complete range of photo-electric and inductive sensors, limit switches and electronic pressure switches. This range is based on the OSI concept « Offering Simplicity through Innovation », which aims to simplify the selection, installation, setting-up and maintenance of these components, with advanced learning functions for the product environment.

    Preventa, a range of safety components for use in dangerous installations in compliance with
    European regulations. Using the « AS-i safety at work » solution, Preventa components use the same AS-i network as traditional components.

    Magelis IPC, a range of industrial PCs and Vijeo Look, supervision software, used together, they provide a comprehensive, attractive and simple solution for the operation, control and traceability of manufacturing, machine or building management processes.

    > The development of these 6 new product lines is part of the company program NEW2004, and one of its 6 challenges « Think Innovation ». This demonstrates Schneider Electric’s goal to constantly improve the product offer and renew products frequently. Constant investment is necessary to build the future.
    These projects involved investments of 120 million euros and the work of 250 people in Japan, Europe and the United States. The products comply with global standards (IEC, UL, CSA…) in order to serve international customers wherever they are and meet local customers’ requirements all around the world. The aim is to generate target sales of 500 million euros within the next three years. At Schneider Electric, Research and Development has allocated more than 3500 engineers and technicians and 50 research laboratories in 20 countries for many years. It represents 5% of its sales. Schneider Electric generates 60% of sales with products where it ranks number one worldwide.