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    Focus on Russia…

    Schneider Electric has been established in Russia since 1993, and has participated in numerous projects completion. Zoom on two significant references concerning with electrical distribution industrial control.and automation.

    Electrical Distribution: the Kremlin, a client not like the others
    The Russian President’s Administration contacted Schneider Electric in Russia to develop a retrofit project for the Kremlin's air-conditioning power supply system in Moscow. This contract was completed in partnership with the US-based firm Trane.
    The main task was to ensure reliability of the power part of the cooling and air-conditioning systems within very short deadlines. According to the project, all LV and MV substations were to be replaced.
    Successful completion of this project resulted in the signature of another contract for a set of LV equipment, for the total of US 1.4 M dollars.

    The key factors of the project success:
    - Partnership relations between Schneider Electric, Mosenergo (Moscow utility company) and Trane,
    - Client's confidence in the equipment supplied (all equipment supplied by Schneider Electric met Russian GOST standards),
    - Schneider Electric's ability to come up with the comprehensive offer involving all electrical equipment (LV and MV).

    Industrial automation: complete renovation of a steel plant's blast furnaces
    Schneider Electric was entrusted with complete renovation of two blast furnaces, together with their supervision systems, for the Svododny Sokol steel plant and Novolipetsky Metal Works in the city of Lipestsk, Central Russia. Due to the country's economic decline and political instability in the 80-ies and early 90-ies, the infrastructures and equipment had not been upgraded for a long time. The obsolescence and physical wear and tear of the existing automation equipment made the entire site dangerous for employees and the neighboring population.
    Due to prompt response and ability to operate in tough environment, Schneider Electric made sure that the automation equipment selected for the two plants was delivered on time.
    The use of products of virtually all Schneider Electric brands, especially the CableFast and Telefast switching devices, and assembly of enclosures by Schneider Electric Russia workshop in Moscow accounted for quick delivery of the PLCs to the customer.

    By combining product reliability and technical features, responsiveness and adaptation with staff training, Schneider Electric was able to strengthen its image in Russia.

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