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    Grands Records: Geronimo gets under way!

    Geronimo and her 11-man crew crossed the Trophée Jules Verne start line at over 29 knots at 25 minutes and 16 seconds past 1 o’clock (GMT) this morning.

    The crew of the world’s largest trimaran had been waiting calmly off Ushant since early evening for the cold front that would be the signal for their departure. Router, Pierre Lasnier, forecast a north-westerly during the night.
    Founder members of the Tour du monde en 8O jours (Around the World in 80 Days) association, Florence Arthaud and Titouan Lamazou, kept watch alongside Claude Breton of the WSSRC at the Creac’h lighthouse to witness this new record attempt.

    Thus opens the first chapter in what will be a full-blown record campaign. This four-year programme will see Olivier de Kersauson, his crew and partners Cap Gemini Ernst & Young and Schneider Electric attack all the world’s great sailing records, including the Trophée Jules Verne and its circumnavigation via all 3 capes. This epic 40,000-kilometre voyage will take Geronimo through, or around, 17 weather systems. Even the prospect seems to excite the men of Geronimo.

    To beat his own record, Olivier de Kersauson must cross the finish line before 46 minutes and 24 seconds past 5 on the evening of 30 April.