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    A green house

    The idea for INTEGER started in the UK in 1996 when a group of British architects, IT specialists, building experts and environmentalists worked together to apply green and intelligent technologies in designing and building houses. In 1998, the first full-size and fully functional INTEGER house was built in London.
    In Hong Kong, the project attracted support from the public and private sectors with eight founder organisations : the Hong Kong and British governments, CLP Power, Gammon Construction, the Hong Kong Housing Authority, Hong Kong Housing Society, INTEGER Intelligent & Green and Swire Properties
    INTEGER project participation is in line with Schneider Electric Hong Kong's objective of being part of new technologies being developed and providing electrical power and control solutions to them. It is also a good opportunity to create an immediate job reference for new products CM-4000, NW Masterpact and TeSys motor starter solutions. Integer will showcase our superior power distribution, control and monitoring equipment.