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    Futuroscope amusement park in Poitiers, France

    Oriented towards new information and image technologies, the now famous French amusement park (2 million visitors annually) has chosen Schneider Electric solutions and services to optimize visitor flow management and upgrade attractions’ automation. The solutions are based primarily on the use of the Premium PLCs. The automated devices communicate between themselves and with a supervision system via an Ethernet TCP-IP network based on the “Transparent Factory” concept.

    The “Dynamic Vienne Region” attraction’s automation has been completely renovated with the dual objective of optimizing its operation and implementing effective instrumentation It is an impressive attraction, both in terms of its technical features (570 jacks, 800 meters of piping, 6000 liters of circulating oil, 110 bars [1650 psi] of pressure) and its special effects with intense emotional impact. Sitting on a seat equipped with 6 jacks that can move the seat in 6 directions in perfect synchronization with a film shown on a 300 sqm (3000 sq. ft.) screen, the spectator is taken on a wild ride through the heart of the Vienne region in central France (in the air, on a train, at the wheel of a race car and through the narrow streets of a village).

    Schneider Electric has also helped implement an innovative visitor counting system. This system, which is a big first in the world of amusement parks where attendance is traditionally measured using estimates, shows visitors a session’s starting and waiting time on a luminous sign, so they can better organize their visit to the park’s 19 attractions. It also enables park operators to adjust the number and scheduled times of sessions, and plan the best logistics for catering and the boutiques.

    Finally, the Premium PLC was the obvious choice given its ability to help improve the technical management of facilities (lighting, heating, ventilation, etc.) where its speed of execution, memory capacity and open communication will be required.