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    Switzerland, renovation of a hospital in the canton of Glaris

    Patient safety in a hospital primarily depends on the reliability of the power supply. Schneider Electric was selected to participate in the renovation of the Glaris hospital in Switzerland, a choice much appreciated by the planner, the panel-builder and also the end-user.
    In the construction industry, the building or renovation of a hospital is one of the most demanding projects in terms of electrical engineering equipment and installations. Power cuts can, in fact, be the cause of dramatic situations for patients. This is why dual and emergency power supplies, either centralized or distributed, are vital in ensuring maximum hospital safety.

    > Extensive planning experience
    "Operating theaters are subject to the strictest ASE (1) safety standards," explains André Wolf, Project Manager at Amstein+Walthert (2). "An operating theater contains a large amount of electrical equipment. For example, catheters and probes need to be introduced into blood vessels or directly into patients' hearts. Patients are therefore exposed to even greater risks. To avoid any risks relating to the power supply, its is critical to have in-depth knowledge of and extensive experience with electrical planning and installation. In addition, it was of critical importance to select high-performance products and systems in order to ensure the maximum amount of safety in hospital work.

    (1) ASE = Swiss electricians' association
    (2) An engineering firm specializing in the private and public health care sectors.

    > Prisma - the unanimous choice
    As soon as the hospital renovation, which is scheduled to be completed in 2003, began, the project managers opted for Schneider Electric's distribution system. The builder and suppliers, Oswald Electric AG Nestal, was assigned with the last phase. The EDS distribution installation complies with EU standard SN 60439-1. In this specific case, the team unanimously selected the Prisma energy distribution system.
    According to the panel-builder Oswald Electric AG Nestal, collaboration with Schneider Electric was excellent: "The technical support and service are impeccable," stresses Thomas Elmer. "The Prisma system gives a lot of freedom in execution and helps to create optimal added value in the organization. Finally, Schneider products offer an excellent quality-price ratio." Leaving Dr. Hanspeter Stähli, Hospital Administration Director, to conclude, "The renovation of our hospital will put us at the cutting edge of hospitals. Very modern technology and efficient power supply are the pillars of public health care."

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