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    Inspection of new electrical equipment in Argentina

    In Argentina, consumers and manufacturers alike are becoming increasingly exasperated by the high number of electrical accidents, with losses of human lives and equipment recorded each year.

    There are currently two types of organizations that are responsible for the inspection of new electrical equipment:
    > The APSE (Association for the Promotion of Electrical Safety), via the IHA (Institute for Contractor Qualification and Certification), has been performing inspections of new installations in Buenos Aires and the surrounding suburbs- i.e. a population of 15 million- for the past 3 years.
    The French PROMOTELEC (Promotion of Electrical Safety) and CONSUEL (National Committee for Electrical User Safety) associations have been promoting and inspecting electrical equipment safety for more than 30 years.

    With a view to improving the quality of inspections, CADIEM and GIMELEC (manufacturers associations in Argentina and France), demonstrated their concern in the subject by sponsoring a technical cooperation agreement between the above-mentioned associations.
    This agreement was signed at the end of the Electrical Safety seminar, held on September 13 at the BIEL 2001 exhibition (Biennial International Exhibition for the Electrical and Lighting Industry).

    Schneider Electric, as a member of both CADIEM and GIMELEC, actively participated in this collaboration and facilitated communication between the involved parties.