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    « Major Records » operation launching

    > Geronimo
    Standard-bearer of Cap Gemini Ernst & Young and Schneider Electric, around the world. Saturday, the 29th of september at 4 pm was christened in Brest, the largest carbon trimaran of race of the world.
    The godfathers of the fantastic multihull, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young and Schneider Electric, chose a symbolic and strong name : Geronimo.
    This name symbolizes many essential values in the campaign of records :
    > The technological, architectural,and strategic freedom which induces a total responsability for one’s action and taking risks.
    > Speed, performance and even fulgurence essential in good hunters.
    > Listening, respect and comprehension of others and of one’s natural
    and climatic environment.

    The godmother is Marie Tabarly, daughter of the famous French navigator, also pioneer in multihulls. Olivier de Kersauson was Tabarly’s first mate for many years.
    The christened was celebrated by the Father Emmanuel Duché, chaplain in the French navy.
    The ceremony was followed by a festival open to the public of Brest, with concerts on the harbour and the presence of many sport and media personalities.
    This christened marks the launching of the operation which will enter in its first sporting phase as of the winter with a record around the world attempt, the famous Jules Verne Trophy.

    > Marie Tabarly - The boat’s godmother
    “Because one does the things with pleasure”, Olivier de Kersauson chose Marie to be the godmother of his trimaran. Her pleasure, Marie does not hide it. It is interfered with pride and emotion. When one is 17 years old, there is the clear verb and the joy is not measured. “Since the beginnig of the construction of the boat, Olivier often came home. I like so much when he comes, we can speak about all, he is vigilant and attentive with people whom he loves. I know that I really can count on him”.
    Olivier saw growing Marie, with the passing of years of the link wove themself and a real complicity brings closer these two there. However, a few days before knowing that she was the godmother of Geronimo, Marie hid badly her impatience.
    “ I was the godmother of his two preceding boats, I wondered whether this time also …But I did not dare to speak to him about it. At the same time, I would have unterstood if he had chosen someone else, … I guess. This boat, it is so beautiful…. In more, I followed the evolution of the buildind of the project. It is a splendid gift which he makes me. I will try to be worthy of it. I am so happy and proud.”
    She will follow with attention the campaign of records of Olivier and his crew on the most prestigious ocean crossing.

    > Geronimo - The name of the largest trimaran of race of the world
    “ To know to recognize the spark of croaned in each piece of life. ”
    Geronimo, a name which evokes a valorous warrior, hunter of bisons and hightly skilled rider. Like the symbol of a life devote to freedom. Nourished the indian philosophy which consists in forming a strong heart harmonizes some with the world. The Indians had found their right place in the universe, they built neither of the pyramids, nor of the cathedrals, they lived simply within a nature which they respected.“To know to recognize the spark of croaned in each piece of life.” such was the direction that they gave to their passage on earth, as precious and delicate as an ember.
    Devoting its life to freedom is not meaningless because this implies a total responsability. The program is essentially a hymn to liberty. No sporting payment, neither calendar, not of measurement, nor of technical limits. All is only freedom and thus requirement. The seeking of records requires other values symbolized by Geronimo : promptness, fulgurence, reaction speed, quick movements of the men and the machine, the listening of the climatic phemonena, humility with the natural elements. Records are earned by daily reducing our part of nature ignorance and its climatology.
    Geronimo symbolizes the whole of these values, in the whole world.