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    Children's Hour in Italy

    Since November 2000, staff participation at Schneider Electric Italy in the "Un' ora per tanti bambini" ("Children's Hour") operation, organized by the Schneider Electric Foundation, has been very strong.
    The 49,000 $ collected made it possible to finance several projects in Italy. Thus, an educational game area and a day care center were opened. And in Santa Maria la Fossa (Napoli), much-needed goods and educational equipment were supplied to miners in financial difficulty. The funds collected in other cities were used to purchase medical and hospital equipment for children with leukemia, together with teaching tools for young orphans.
    The Schneider Electric Foundation :
    The Schneider Electric Foundation was created three years ago under the auspices of the Fondation de France. On November 20, 2000 Schneider Electric organized its "Children's Hour". Through the generosity of employees, subsidiaries and the Foundation, a total of $1,8 million has been donated to more than 100 associations in 50 different countries. Aside from this campaign, employees at many sites have made additional contributions by joining associations to further develop their projects and keep them alive.