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    Information seminars with Russian Design Institutes

    Schneider Electric has developed a seminar program aimed at enabling Russian design institutes to better know and understand the Company's offerings. Design organizations play a crucial role in the field of electrical equipment, and in developing and upgrading contracting projects across Russia.
    "These institutes guarantee proper operation and safety of the equipment installed," explained Guy Dufraisse, CIS and Baltic Countries Manager. “It is important to familiarize them with Schneider Electric's offer and to develop partnerships”.

    The program was launched in Moscow on May 24-25 with a pilot seminar for local design organizations. This Schneider Electric's initiative raised considerable interest, since such events have not been very common for Russia. Over 60 organizations represented by 200 people participated in the first seminar. The seminar enabled Schneider Electric to present its comprehensive product range and make new business contacts.

    Schneider Electric in Russia
    > Profile

    Workforce: 200 employees.
    Training Centers: two in Moscow and St. Petersbourg

    > Milestones
    1974: First Russian project - automation of Samara refinary - implemented
    1993: Schneider Electric Representative Office set up in Moscow
    1995: Maintenance Center opened in Moscow
    1998: Closed joint-stock company "Schneider Electric" set up in Moscow

    Today, Schneider Electric has 19 affiliates and representations in CIS countries and Baltic Countries.