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    A sailing giant set to beat formidable records

    Olivier de Kersauson (French skipper and holder of the Jules Verne Trophy since 1997) and his crew are embarking on a campaign to smash records on the most prestigious sailing routes around the globe: the Jules Verne Trophy, the Trans-Atlantic Record, the Trans-Pacific, the Hong Kong-to-London Tea Route, etc.

    Sharing the same values of determination and commitment, Schneider Electric and Cap Gemini Ernst & Young have decided to support them for the next four years.

    All three parties have committed themselves to this sailing records campaign, beginning with the construction of the largest trimaran in the world.
    The 20-ton trimaran is 34 meters long and 25 meters wide, with a 40-meter mast and dimensions that have never before been seen in a racing trimaran.

    This is a human and technological adventure that brings into play the leadership values that Schneider Electric has been actively developing and promoting in the Company: a spirit of entrepreneurship, risk-taking, solidarity, empowerment, the commitment for results, etc.

    The challenge of this adventure for Schneider Electric teams is to optimize the 34-meter long trimaran's power supply and distribution systems to boost performance, energy consumption and reliability. "The objective was not just to install products on the boat, but to support and assist in their use," said Claude Ricaud, Schneider Electric's Research and Development Vice-President.

    The crew's challenge will be to beat its own records, as well as all other competitors' records. Since 1997, Olivier de Kersauson and his crew are the fastest men to sail around the world. They are the current holders of the Jules Verne Trophy. They also have unique experience in large multihulls, from their design up to their use in races. The entire crew has accumulated more than one million miles on large trimarans.
    With more than ten years devoted to the world's most prestigious records and multi-hulls, they have developed their own individual culture of hard work, constant evolution and a special relationship with technicians and boat designers.

    Putting the boat into the water on July 22, 2001 was a major event, full of emotion, during which spectators and especially the crew held their breath.
    "A boat that's just been put into the water is a bit like an open book - if there are any 'typos', you see them right away," declared long-distance sailor Olivier de Kersauson.

    The boat will be christened in September.