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    Teddy bears in ambulances

    As part of "The Children's Hour" operation organized by the Schneider Electric Foundation, the 37 employees of Schneider Electric's Strasbourg office (France) have donated "Malou" teddy bears to the emergency medical services in the Bas-Rhin department. The emergency services (SAMU, in their French acronym) provide urgent medical transportation for the sick and injured, and will give a teddy bear to each child transported in their ambulances.
    The “Malou” teddy bear is reassuring for children and enables doctors to better explain what they are going to do, by demonstrating the procedure on the teddy bear. The Malou teddy bear helps doctors to make a better diagnosis and to treat pain more effectively. It also enables medical staff to go beyond just using medical techniques and means and express their feelings and humanity.

    The Fondation de France and the Malou operation
    The Fondation de France was created in 1969 to stimulate the development of private philanthropic action of all sorts. The foundation acts as a mediator and instigator connecting the generous intentions of individuals and businesses to the needs of society. In 1999 the foundation launched the Malou operation and included it in its pain-alleviation campaign. This operation has been taken on board by major French department stores (Galeries Lafayette, Nouvelles Galeries) and the Schneider Electric Foundation.

    The Schneider Electric Foundation
    The Schneider Electric Foundation was created two years ago under the auspices of the Fondation de France. On November 20, 2000 Schneider Electric organized its "Children's Hour". The foundation raised over $ 430,750 for children around the world. In addition to this donation, Schneider employees made individual contributions to an organization or project of their own choosing.