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    International effort for Vietnam power station

    A global sales presence and the project management and manufacturing capabilities of Schneider Electric Australia won the company the contract to supply the complete electrical package for Vietnam’s newest and largest coal-fired power station.
    Located at Pha Lai, not far from Hanoi, the 600MW generation plant is being constructed by an international consortium.
    It was consortium member, Stone & Webster Engineering Corporation of the US which awarded Schneider Electric the job as part of its $125 million contract which includes the supply of the main piping systems and electrical distribution system. The order inclues 6.6kV switchboards, 400V switchboards, 6.6kV/400V transformers, motor control centres, busduct, local control stations, AC distribution boards and main DC switchboards.
    Since the initial order, more orders have been placed both by Stone & Webster and sub-contracting companies such as Marsulex Environmental Technologies which is constructing the Flue Gas
    "We’ve won follow on work due to our good relationship with Stone & Webster," said Michael Damtoft, Project Man
    "Our relationship and joint effort with our Schneider Electric offices in the US and India assisted in the negotiation process," explained Damtoft. "It meant we had someone on the ground, which is important with this level of project."
    Schneider Electric is also supplying equipment to New Delhi-based company, The Indure which is building the ash handling plant and to Barclay Mowlem Construction Limited (Australia) supplier of the coal handling plant.
    All of the Schneider equipment was built and supplied out of Australia.