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    Important contract in Cyprus

    A major contract worth $ 4,7 million (euro 5,3 million) for the supply of 1,946 transformers has been signed with the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC). This is the first contract in euros that Schneider Electric AE (Greece) has obtained.
    Today, Schneider Electric AE estimates that 25% of the transformers installed in Cyprus were manufactured by Schneider Electric.
    The Cypriot market is not large, but is continuously growing. Companies such as ABB, Siemens, Alsthom, Pauwels, as well as Schneider Electric, are all competing aggressively in Cyprus.

    Schneider Electric and the Electricity Authority of Cyprus
    1986: First contract signed with the Electricity Authority of Cyprus.
    1989: Second contract signed for 430 transformers for one year.
    1998: Third contract signed for 784 transformers and valued at approximately $ 2,6 million.

    Contact :
    Schneider Electric AE (Greece) : Tel. : 30 1 629 5200
    Schneider Electric for Lebanon and Cyprus : Tel. : 961 1 613 006 & 007