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    Materlignes won a confidential communication network

    Materlignes, a Schneider Electric subsidiary in France, has won a three-year, Euros 3.8-4.6 million contract under a French Interior Ministry tender to supply telecommunication shelters for more than 400 sites. Each Acropol shelter will consist of a concrete enclosure, LV equipment and busbar trunking. Materlignes is also installing energy racks, air conditioning and ventilation designed to customer specifications.
    “Our job starts well upstream,” says Jacques Arnold, marketing manager at Materlignes. “In the early 1990s, European Union police forces adopted a single telecommunications standard for the entire region, using the Tetrapole encrypted network on the 400 MHz frequency. We’ve been involved in the project since the outset. The network was first tested during the G7 meeting in Lyon in 1995. The next year, 11 prototype shelters were built in preparation for the Soccer World Cup.”

    Materlignes is a French company with 160 employees, specialized in outdoor concrete structures. It had sales of Euro 24 million in 2000.