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    Certification for environmental management system in Belgium

    After a successful audit, the environmental management system at Schneider Electric’s production plant in Brussels, Belgium has been certified to ISO 14001 standards. This international certification is granted to facilities that have achieved a high level of environmental performance by controlling the environmental impact of their operations and products and by introducing a dedicated environmental management system.
    On the same day, the plant, which produces modular products such as circuit breakers and remote control switches, also obtained the Eco-Dynamique environmental label from regional officials in Brussels. This dual achievement is the result of a participatory environmental approach that involved the entire workforce.

    Schneider Electric in Belgium
    History: Gardy plant built in 1913. Schneider Electric subsidiary created in 1994.
    Marketing and manufacturing operations.
    Sales: Euro 120 million in 2000.
    Employees: 500 people in 2000.
    Facilities: Plants in St Niklaas and Brussels, headquarters and marketing organization in Brussels.