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    Children’s Hour, an extraordinary adventure for Schneider Electric’s employees and partners

    Through its businesses and activities, Schneider Electric supports the development of the countries in which it operates. Lending a helping hand to disadvantaged children and young people is a natural extension of this commitment.

    On International Child Day (November 20), Schneider Electric’s employees had the opportunity to contribute one hour of their annual wages, thereby pushing back the limits of neglect and despair. The Schneider Electric Youth Opportunities Foundation matched this gesture by donating EUR 534,000, the equivalent of one hour’s wages for the Company’s entire workforce of 67,500 people. It also encouraged every employee and subsidiary to take part and to involve customers and suppliers in this initiative. In all, EUR 2 million were collected. The funds will be distributed to more than 100 local associations in 50 different countries.

    «Support isn’t just for one hour—it covers the lifetimes of the children we want to help,» said Gilles Vermot-Desroches, who heads the Foundation. «The Children’s Hour initiative reflects the commitments we make to children daily, mainly through local associations near Schneider Electric facilities. Since continuity is crucial to what we do, we will be repeating the campaign next year.»