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    Schneider Electric Venezuela participates in French aid to landslide victims

    Venezuela was devastated by landslides last December following violent rainstorms. Among the six hardest-hit regions, France decided to focus its aid on Miranda, a coastal state that gets its electric supply from the El Guapo dam. The dam broke during the storms, flooding all the villages downstream.

    Schneider Electric and its subsidiary in Venezuela decided to help rebuild the village of El Guapo by donating $15,000 in cash and $5,000 in equipment for the local school and hospital. The Franco-Venezuelan chamber of commerce will participate in the committee supervising allocation of the project funds.

    The Miranda reconstruction project
    It will cost more than $18 billion and take three years to repair the damage caused by the landslides. The top five priorities in Miranda are to restore the drinking water supply, reconstruct the Rio Chico hospital and the high school, rebuild the village of El Guapo and rehabilitate the area’s farm land for raising cattle, cocoa, bananas and yams. The French aid package, administered by the French embassy, will be used to rebuild the village of El Guapo. The hamlet’s one hundred homes were completely destroyed on December 16. The villagers will do the work themselves, with technical assistance from the French Red Cross. It will cost around FF 50,000 to rebuild a standard 70 square-meter home.