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    Acquisition in India

    Schneider Electric India has acquired the miniature circuit-breaker business of S&S Power Switchgear Ltd., an Indian MV/LV electrical distribution company. The new unit will considerably enhance Schneider Electric’s access to the miniature circuit breaker market. “We bought a plant with 170 employees near Madras that produces high-quality miniature circuit breakers at competitive cost,” says Dominique Devinat, head of development at Schneider Electric India. “This will accelerate our penetration of the market.”

    The new business includes 130 distributors who will extend Schneider Electric’s existing network, which until now focused mainly on industrial control. Thanks to this acquisition, Schneider Electric holds 11% of the Indian miniature circuit breaker market, a share that should increase to 15% by the end of 2000.

    - Wholly-owned subsidiary founded in 1995.
    - 320 employees.
    - Markets electrical distribution products and industrial automation devices, and is currently expanding into medium voltage.
    - Manufactures miniature circuit breakers and assembles air circuit breakers and molded-case circuit breakers.
    - Headquarters in New Delhi, two plants in Faridabad and Chennai, four sales offices and 260 distributors and system houses nationwide.