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    Major contract with Renault

    120 control consoles will be installed at the Sandouville plant (located near Le Havre, France) in a new sheet iron workshop designed for the new car replacing the Laguna scheduled to be marketed in the summer of 2000.

    "We have responded to a request made by Renault for a standard open system solution," explains Jean-Marc Bradel, Renault International Global Account Manager at Schneider Electric. ''Our response includes an offer of control and monitoring consoles for each workshop section, i.e. a total of 120 control consoles. It is also the first time that Renault is implementing the '0 cubicle' concept in such an application," he adds. The PLCs usually installed in cubicles are integrated into the console, thus as close as possible to the machine."
    Each control console makes it possible to develop the automated systems for each workshop section, to manage the diagnostic functions of each section and to connect it to the manufacturing information systems. The control console includes an industrial-strength PC, Premium Telemecanique/Modicon PLCs, and in-house (PL7, OFS) and third-party software.
    This project represents sales of FF16M. The solution developed is fully standardized and can be duplicated at other sites. It offers numerous opportunities for Schneider Electric.

    Renault profile

    Renault has been a key account managed by the Schneider Global Business Development unit for approximately 5 years.
    Some recent reference projects include the automation of a paint workshop in Argentina and a sheet iron workshop in the UK.
    Recent developments such as closer collaboration between Renault and Nissan and Renault's acquisition of Dacia, a Romanian automobile manufacturer, provide Schneider Electric with new international prospects. Following its new organization, Renault is currently implementing a rationalization for its portfolio of suppliers. Renault is also making efforts to further standardize its production methods.