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    Schneider Electric launches its new Merlin Gerin Masterpact

    Schneider Electric renews its power circuit breaker and switchboard range with the arrival of the new Masterpact

    This new product line represents an investment of 1 billion francs.

    In 1999/2000 12 product lines will be completely renewed, representing 20% of sales.

    Schneider Electric has announced the launch of its new Merlin Gerin Masterpact, a new range of power circuit breakers and switchboards up to 6 300 A.

    This is the largest Research and Development project ever conducted by Schneider Electric with the contribution of all its international teams. The project has resulted in the development of a unique, global product line.

    It aims to strengthen Schneider Electric’s worldwide leadership position in low voltage. The group currently generates sales of 10 billion francs in the low voltage power segment (half in circuit breakers, half in switchboards). Schneider Electric holds a 25% global market share in low voltage power circuit breakers and 10% in low voltage power switchboards.

    The new Merlin Gerin Masterpact range will provide customers with more reliable and effective associated products and services, such as smaller switchboards with the Masterpact NT, which is the smallest 1 600 A circuit breaker in the world. It also means safer products due to the Masterpact NW, which has an unequalled breaking capacity of up to 200 000 A with no fuse.
    These new products will enjoy very short delivery times and can be adapted and modified on site.

    The new products are : Masterpact NT (from 800 to 1600 A), Masterpact NW (from 800 to
    6 300 A) and PZ IV switchboards.

    The development of the new Masterpact is one of the cornerstones of the Schneider 2000+ program, whose principal strategy concerns internal growth .

    This project required an investment of 1 billion francs and over 42 months mobilized 250 engineers and technicians in Europe and the United States in ISO 9001 certified development centers. 60 patents have been filed. This new product offering meets each of the major international standards (IEC, UL, ANSI).

    The objective is to achieve 50% growth in sales of these products over 5 years, which represents annual growth of 8.5% compared to 2 to 3% generated in this market. Production costs will be reduced by 25%.

    At Schneider Electric, Research and Development, which concerns more than 3500 engineers and technicians and 50 research laboratories, represents 2.6 billion francs, or 5.2% of sales, which places the group in 11th position among French companies (1).

    Schneider Electric generates 60% of its sales through products which rank No.1 worldwide and 20% through products which hold 2nd or 3rd position worldwide.

    (1) « Le Monde » ranking (November 3, 1999)