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    Financing housing in India

    Schneider Electric’s Spanish subsidiary is participating in a project to build homes in southeastern India. The program was initiated by the Vicente Ferrer foundation, a non-governmental organization. With funding from Schneider Electric, 25 homes are being built in Marrimakulapalli, located north of Madras in Andhra Pradesh state. The homes should be finished by the end of August, before the monsoon season begins.

    This humanitarian program is designed to help the dálits, the poorest and most excluded group in India. The objective is to provide acceptable living and sanitary conditions and to help the villagers become self-sufficient. Aside from building houses, the program calls for the following measures:
    > Planting of crops that will guarantee a minimum income for villagers.
    > Supply of drinking water.
    > Better health care.
    > Schooling.

    In a recent employee satisfaction survey, Schneider Electric staff in Spain said they wanted to see the Company get more involved in social issues. The program in India addresses this desire to make life better for everyone.