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    Albert Einstein hospital in São Paulo focuses on safety

    When Albert Einstein hospital in São Paulo, Brazil decided to upgrade its electrical installations, it selected Schneider Electricõs high performance, high quality equipment. For a hospital, it is absolutely crucial to avoid any risk of a power outage. As a result, priority was given to ensuring a steady power supply, notably in such mission-critical areas as the operating rooms and intensive care units.

    "In a building of this size, it’s common to have two redundant supply systems. We decided to add a third to start the hospital’s generating sets, if necessary," explains product manager Ricardo Alonso. Everything is managed automatically. The equipment immediately detects any decrease in power and the generating sets kick in to supply the priority substations. No instructions from a human operator are required.

    The project, developed by Schneider Electric under the supervision of hospital engineers, comprised a substation with lead-in and power distribution systems, dry-type MV/LV transformers, low voltage switchboards to supply each floor and prefabricated busbar trunking. Power distribution is managed by switchboards installed every third floor (Schneider Electric suggested this solution instead of putting a switchboard on every floor, as the customer initially anticipated). The Telemecanique Canalis decentralized busbar trunking system was another notable feature of the project. "Canalis avoids power decreases and provides greater safety", says Alonso. "In addition, it saves space and assembly time and has a longer lifespan." All of the electrical distribution, from the second underground level to the 13th floor, is handled by Canalis.

    During the project, the partners had intense discussions about many details, and the solutions often required some creativity while maintaining the focus on safety. A Merlin Gerin Blokset switchboard was selected because it complied with the IEC439-1 standard, which calls for an extremely high guarantee of protection, notably during installation. With Blokset, a special key is required to access live components.

    From the beginning, the partners enjoyed a relationship of mutual trust. For the committed professionals involved in the project, this was a key success factor. "We demonstrated that our solution, notably with the automatic transfer to the generating sets, was what the hospital was looking for", remarks Alonso. "Thanks to this system, we can guarantee uninterrupted power for all the hospital’s critical areas." That’s the kind of safety that helps save lives.