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    Schneider Electric’s Corporate Website Wins Award

    Schneider Electric won the Golden Dolphin award for best corporate website at the Comunica 1999 international corporate communication festival held in Deauville, France from June 10 to 12.

    The Schneider Electric site was chosen by a jury of professionals from a field of 70 competitors, including such prestigious communicators as Biotherm, Citroën and Rubson. The site was honored for its international strategy and consistency, as well as a commitment to clear information and dialogue with the various targets. Other winning features included design, navigation and technical developments. This award comes just one year after the Grand Prize for Communication Strategy, attributed to Schneider Electric at the 1998 show.

    Since quality is the Company’s main objective, you too can help make our site more attractive by sending us your comments and suggestions. We look forward to hearing from you.