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    New Schneider plant in Argentina

    Since 1991, Schneider Argentina has been experiencing record growth of 50 percent a year. As a result of this success, the 4,000 square-meter Mataderos plant was quickly overwhelmed by growing demand for medium and low voltage (MV/LV)equipment products.

    So a move was in order and has now been completed. The new plant, located in the Buenos Aires suburb of San Martin, has been operating since the end of last year. Covering nearly 10,000 square meters, the facility accommodates not only the MV/LV equipment operations, but also the logistics center, services and a new production line that supplies Merlin Gerin Multi 9 circuit breakers for all countries belonging to Mercosur, South America’s common market (Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay). The San Martin plant’s workforce currently stands at 100 and is expected to double by the end of the year.