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    A new production unit for Schneider in Bulgaria

    Schneider is continuing its expansion in the emerging economies of eastern Europe following the inauguration of the Pisek plant in the Czech Republic last month. On February 1, Jérôme Messud, Manager of Schneider Bulgaria, announced that Schneider had acquired an interest in a circuit-breaker plant in the southern city of Perouchtitza. The Company will produce a new Merlin Gerin circuit breaker at the plant, which is forecasting annual capacity of 500,000 units. The first products should roll off the lines in six months’ time. Schneider’s initial objective is to serve all of the Bulgarian market’s circuit breaker needs. Further out, Perouchtitza’s output may be exported to other eastern European countries.

    Schneider opened a liaison office in Bulgaria in 1991 and created a subsidiary in Sofia last year. The Company has a strong presence in the country, notably in the construction and oil industries and with the national electric company.