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    December 14, 1998: 8th edition of the Schneider Dynamic Quality Awards

    This year, the Schneider Dynamic Quality Awards ceremony for the winning teams took place in the prestigious setting of the Stade de France, in the presence of Didier Pineau-Valencienne.

    The Dynamic Quality Grand Prix was awarded to the Tianjin team from China for “Creation of a quality culture in Tianjin”. This was also the first prize for the International Division.

    Each year, the Dynamic Quality Awards are open to all Schneider personnel. They award the teams who have improved Schneider’s efficiency (product and service offering and internal processes) and customer satisfaction in an outstanding manner. They also aim to encourage the implementation of best practices throughout Schneider.

    Each project is assessed by a jury according to 4 criteria : the approach used, the results obtained, the customer’s opinion and the project’s exemplary value.

    As a reminder:
    5 regional competitions
    175 teams competing
    30 prize-winning teams
    5 first prizes
    3 special Schneider 2000 prizes (customer, employee and shareholder satisfaction)
    1 Schneider Dynamic Quality Grand Prix