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    Schneider to equip McDonald’s restaurants in China

    McDonald’s, the world’s leading fast food chain, plans to open 90 restaurants in China within the next two years.

    Schneider will supply its IEC-compliant Prisma GX low voltage equipment for all these outlets. This success stems from the outstanding cooperation and coordination between the Schneider teams in China, as well as from the assurance of product availability and after-sales support in all cities where McDonald’s intends to open a restaurant. Schneider was able to meet this customer requirement thanks to its three manufacturing plants in Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai and a distribution network that covers all of the country’s major economic centers. In addition, the Shanghai logistics center will have uninterrupted inventories of equipment and parts to supply the needs of five restaurants at any given time, which should be reassuring to McDonald’s managers in China.

    Schneider’s success story with the Chinese subsidiary of McDonald’s is no accident. It is the result of a new marketing approach which takes a comprehensive approach to multinationals such as McDonald’s. After being selected as a preferred international supplier by the fast food leader, Schneider set up an international, cross-functional team to manage the account. The team works closely with Schneider’s subsidiaries to provide the same level of service worldwide.

    Schneider also devised a two-tier offer to meet McDonald’s international requirements. The first is based on North American standards using the Square D I-Line and NQOD platforms, while the second is based on the IEC-compliant Merlin Gerin Prisma platform.