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    Digipact, a new electrical installation management system

    More and more, electrical installation control is a prime target for boostingprofitability. But until now, control was often available only for the largest installations. With the new Merlin Gerin Digipact range, Schneider offers a management system for all electrical installation configurations.

    Digipact makes it easier for medium-sized sites to use communicating systems, and is specifically intended to enable communication between Compact and Masterpact circuit breakers and external systems. Thanks to its modular design, Digipact can be easily adapted to meet the expectations of everyone in the electrical contracting chain.

    This means money saved on wiring, simple implementation by panel makers and electrical contractors, easy operation, lower electricity costs and effective maintenance support for operators. No particular knowledge of automation, computer or communications technology is required to install and operate the Digipact system. At the core of Digipact is Digivision, a completely preconfigured remote monitoring software package that enables PC-based remote control of electrical installations.

    Phased launch

    The new Digipact range is now being introduced in Spain, France, Italy and Portugal. The products will be launched during the second half of the year in Belgium, Northern Europe, South America and Southeast Asia.