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    Schneider wins grand prize for communication strategy at the Biarritz International Festival

    The Biarritz International Festival, which focuses on corporate and community audiovisual and multimedia communication, took place in Biarritz, France on May 26 to 29. As in past years, the Festival organized contests in a number of areas, including corporate films, online communication (websites and intranets), off-line communication (CD-ROMs) and communication strategies. Schneider took home the grand prize in this last category.

    The panel recognized Schneider for its international communication strategy. With operations in 130 countries around the world, communication is not a simple matter. The Company had to create an image that was strong locally and consistent globally, while taking each country’s habits into account. To do this, Management decided to give as much freedom as possible to the subsidiaries. Over several years, Schneider has gradually implemented a wide range of tools to support the Country Organizations in developing their local communication. Resources include intranets containing visual identity rules and recommendations, data bases with pictures and texts, and kits to help the Country Organizations produce communication campaigns, brochures, websites, etc., at lower cost. The communication media produced this year demonstrate the strategy’s success.

    Michel Staib, Executive Vice-President and Corporate Communication Vice-President, received the grand prize for Schneider at the closing ceremony. This award crowns the Company’s strategic commitment to decentralization.