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    Schneider Provides Electrical System for Stade de France and Soccer’s World Cup

    Following contracts for the Olympic games in Grenoble in 1968, Albertville in 1992 and Lillehammer and Atlanta in 1996, Schneider was chosen to supply the electrical system for Stade de France near Paris, which will host the 1998 World Cup.

    Stade de France is one of the last megaprojects of the century, with gigantic proportions that can be summed up in a few figures. The arena has 17-hectare grounds, 45 kilometers of bleachers, 80,000 seats and two 120-square-meter video screens.

    The contract signed by Schneider involved the twofold challenge of ensuring both the security and continuous operation of the electric power system, which represents the stadium’s nerve center. Electricity to keep operations running smoothly at every event flows through nearly 500 kilometers of cables to power such services as lighting, HDTV and radio broadcasts, sound systems and security. Back-up and security power is supplied by six generators. In all, the stadium has a total installed capacity of 16 MVA.

    Power system configuration and operating modes are controlled by Schneider’s GTE automated electrical management system, which incorporates Telemecanique programmable logic controllers. A Backup 240 solution ensures continuous system operation should the central control unit or PLC couplers fail.

    In helping to light up Stade de France, Schneider has added a new, prestigious reference to its technology showcase. The equipment supplied includes:
    - 48 Merlin Gerin SM6-type MV modular cubicles, equipped with Sepam control/monitoring units.
    - 17 France Transfo distribution transformers (250 - 1,800 kVA).
    - 18 general LV switchboards equipped with Merlin Gerin Masterpact and Compact NS circuit breakers and Dialpact units.
    - 600 divisional switchboards and cubicles equipped with Merlin Gerin Multi 9 LV modular switchgear.
    - Telemecanique TSX series 7 PLCs.
    - 3 control centers equipped with Monitor 77 SCADA software.
    - 14 UPS systems from MGE UPS Systems for security lighting.

    Besides Stade de France, Schneider is equipping seven other regional stadiums where World Cup matches are to be played. These include Bordeaux/Lescure, Lens/Félix-Bollaert, Lyon/Gerland, Marseille/Stade Vélodrome, Saint Etienne/Geoffroy Guichard, Toulouse and Montpellier/La Mosson.