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    Schneider will introduce new crane sway control and auto-steering systems for port hoisting and handling in May at Equiport in France and TOC'98 in Belgium

    Schneider will return this year to Equiport in Gennevilliers, France and to TOC'98 in Antwerp, Belgium, to introduce new port hoisting and handling products. Look for us at Equiport (booth B303), from May 12-15, and at TOC'98 (booth C66) from May 26-28.

    Both trade shows will provide opportunities to showcase Schneider's Swaytel® system for controlling the sway of suspended loads and positioning them with a high degree of accuracy (± 5 cm for a height of 40 m).

    Jean-Marc Lacour, Schneider sales engineer and originator of the Swaytel project, says: "Our experience in serving ports around the world has alerted us to their increasing productivity and safety requirements. Swaytel® sway control software was available for container gantry and luffing cranes, but not for overhead traveling cranes. Now that gap's been filled with a new application that enables tight maneuvering in harsh environments such as steelworks."

    "To meet increasingly stringent safety requirements, we developed Linetel®, a Rubber Tyred Gantry (RTG) auto-steering system that helps crane drivers avoid correcting a trajectory and bumping containers. The system's integrated TV camera guides cranes automatically along a painted line on the floor," adds Lacour.

    Twelve Linetel® systems have already been installed in the port of Pusan, South Korea. Schneider has also supplied Swaytel systems there for five dockside container cranes.

    Swaytel® has recently been supplied for a number of projects. Ten container gantry cranes have been equipped (four Hyundai units in Panama and six ZPMC cranes in the port of Santos in Brazil), along with five unloaders (two Dravo units for Sollac in Fos sur Mer, France and three SPMP unloaders at Weihai and Dongguan in China). Swaytel® has also been installed on two JPSA overhead travelling cranes in Sollac's facilities at Montataire and Fos sur Mer, France.