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  • Man in a desalination plant reviewing sustainability reporting, big data analytics on multiple computer screens

    Wastewater Network Solutions

    Remote telemetry, intelligent power, and energy management solutions help you achieve improved efficiency within wastewater lift/pump stations and sewer collection systems

  • Business Case Ontario Clean Water Agency, Canada

    Ontario citizens enjoy consistent, clean water thanks to a Wonderware™ software solution

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  • Business case Sierra Controls, USA

    Bridgeport, California upgrades its wastewater network systems for an efficient and reliable information gathering

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  • Business Case Florida City Liquid, USA

    The City integrated Schneider Electric technology to to adopt an efficient and reliable approach to maintaining their systems

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    Вода течет из стыка между двумя большими трубами, управление водой.


    You need to implement new sewage systems and improve overall efficiency through better monitoring and control. At the same time, you are facing aging infrastructure issues, pipe corrosion, bursts and odor control challenges. Your business also needs to cut energy consumption in remote pump stations and collection networks, and achieve faster response and proactive management.
    Аэроснимок водоочистительного сооружения в округе Декалб, штат Иллинойс, управление водными ресурсами.

    Wastewater Network Solutions

    Save energy with our remote telemetry, intelligent power and energy management solutions

    Value Proposition

    • Default Alternative Text Tested and validated Our combination of architecture, advanced development tools and specialised teams help reduce customer investement costs by up to 15%
    • Пиктограмма EcoXpert Energy and process efficiency Our processes help cut energy consumption and carbon footprint by up to 30%
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