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    Centralized Facility Management

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Increasing energy and labor costs. Complex building systems and lack of real-time information. Shortage of personnel training. Aging infrastructure with disparate systems.
  • Solutions

    Schneider Electric's Centralized Facility Management solution connects diverse city facility control and measurement systems to a single interface, allowing energy managers and department operators facility awareness across a city.

  • Value Proposition

    The ability to develop standardized analysis and control metrics will uncover and drive opportunities for continuous improvement in energy efficiency across city operations.

  • Differentiation

    • Open platform for disparate building systems.
    • Centralized management to optimize your building system performance.
    • Measureable results and reports for monitoring operational KPIs.



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    Centrally manage all building systems under one user friendly, integrated and powerful environment.

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    Award-winning HMI software enables rapid creation of standardized applications and deployment.

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    Transform raw energy data into actionable information so your city can better manage energy usage.

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    Advanced workflow management to better execute and track work processes.

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    Comprehensive Building Management System to optimize your real estate and human capital.

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    Market-leading automated diagnostics to deliver persistent energy savings and efficient operations.

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