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  • Modern food factory production line, food and beverage, machine control, industrial automation.


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Addressing critical challenges 

- Trace critical control points and detailed genealogy
- Improve Clean‑in‑Place (CIP) station efficiency
- Improve efficiency of spray dryers
- Reduce specific energy and water usage
- Reduce excess inventory
- Reduce labor costs
- Maintain product quality and safety

  • Solutions

    Manufacturing Management Solutions:
    Strive for zero waste while increasing flexibility on your plant floor.
  • Value Proposition

    Seize new market and profit opportunities thanks to zero waste and 100% traceable production.
  • Differentiation

    - Wonderware, the leader in manufacturing software for the food and beverage industry
    - Pack drive, the specialist in packaging automation
    - Modicon, the inventor of PLC
    with global delivery capacity and a strong ecosystem of partners


  • Grocery store line, woman at checkout, food and beverage.
    Trace critical control points and detailed genealogy
  • Factory workers using a machine.
    Improve Clean‑in‑Place (CIP) station efficiency
  • Blurry woman pushing daughter in grocery cart, food and beverage.
    Improve efficiency of spray dryers
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    Reduce energy and water usage
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    Reduce excess inventory
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    Reduce labor costs
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