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    An EcoStruxure™ ADMS solution application.

    Outage Management System (OMS)

Electrical worker repairing lines, electrical power distribution.


Эффективное управление аварийными отключениями

Аварийными отключениями, вызываемыми износом активов, погодными катаклизмами или ростом энергопотребления, становится все сложнее управлять.  Кроме того, они становятся более затратными по мере ужесточения конкуренции на рынке и нормативных требований. Для обеспечения удовлетворенности клиентов как никогда важно свести к минимуму повреждения и затраты, связанные с отключениями электроэнергии, одновременно увеличивая надежность сети.
  • Solution

    Schneider Electric’s OMS is a comprehensive, cost-effective solution that helps you reduce outage duration by locating outages faster and giving you better information for directing your response. OMS uses the most current network state and an advanced prediction engine to help you predict and respond to outages in a more informed and efficient manner. Now, dispatchers have real-time network information for accurately evaluating how an outage impacts customers, how to prioritize responses, effectively assign crews and better determine possibilities for backfeeding power. Our OMS helps you shorten restoration times, enhance public and worker safety, and improve communication with customers, the public and regulatory agencies.
  • Key benefits

    • Shorten restoration times 
    • Enhance public and worker safety 
    • Improve communication with customers, the public and regulatory agencies 
    • Utilize data from your call center, field crews, and AMI and SCADA systems to identify outage locations
  • Advantages

    • Integrated with Schneider Electric’s SCADA, GIS, EcoStruxure™ ADMS, and Weather Forecasting solutions, or can be integrated with other systems 
    • Field-proven OMS, with integrated Field Mobility systems 
    • Based on our knowledge of advanced power operations solutions
Power line technician using phone and tablet, sustainability reporting, internet of things.

Outage Management Systems and related smart grid applications

Advanced Smart Grid solutions from Schneider Electric empower your utility’s transition into a next-generation energy provider by enabling safer, more reliable, and more efficient power management.


  • Electric Crews Work to Restore Power, electric power distribution.
    • Automatically track outages, predict their most likely source and share information across your utility 
    • Reduce the duration of individual outages and lower duration averages by identifying outage locations automatically
  • Электрик, работающий на трансформаторе, распределение электроэнергии.
    • Provide regulatory agencies, the public and customers with timely and accurate estimates on restoration times 
    • Reduce the costs associated with outages and crew management with easy-to-generate historical statistics and reliability indices that measure network efficiency
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