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      Provide You with Peace of Mind

      Advantage Service Plans

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    Without a proper maintenance strategy for your electrical distribution equipment, it’s just a matter of time before costly breakdowns will occur. Having a preventive maintenance program in place can reduce the risk of unplanned downtime by as much as 66%, according to IEEE.

    Advantage Service Plan Descriptions

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    • Solutions

      Having an Advantage Service Plan in place minimizes unplanned outages and remedial actions. Should an issue arise, we will ensure prompt response to get you back up and running. Best of all, our fixed-cost service plans take the guess-work out of your budget since there are no hidden charges.
    • Value Proposition

      In order to meet current industry standards, our Advantage Service Plans are designed to meet your specific needs and bring you more value. There are three Advantage Service Plans to choose from, offering various levels of service: Plus, Prime and Ultra. You have the flexibility to choose a 12-month, 36-month or 72-month term.

      Our comprehensive preventive maintenance scope of work includes:

      • Inspections and adjustments
      • Overcurrent protective device testing
      • Cleaning and lubrication
      • Electrical testing
      • Oil testing

      Advantage Service Plans cover primary electrical distribution system components serving a facility:
      • Transformers
      • Motor control equipment
      • Switchboards
      • Grounding systems
      • Switchgear

      Billing can be structured to provide a fixed payment schedule, which will prevent fluctuations to your maintenance and repair budget.

      One service plan can cover multiple manufacturers’ equipment
    • Differentiation

      Our national network of qualified field service representatives has the expertise to work on any manufacturer’s electrical distribution equipment.
    Business people looking at energy efficiency plans, field service

    Explore More Solutions to Help Reduce the Risk of Unplanned Outages

    Maximize electrical reliability with Maintenance and Testing Services from Schneider Electric.


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      Reduce your risk of downtime and unexpected repair costs
      Provides you peace of mind
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      Manage your budget with our fixed-rates
      No guess-work or hidden charges
    Nos conseillers sont disponibles pour répondre à vos questions de 8h00 à 18h00 du lundi au vendredi toute l'année.