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  • Thermal power, power lines and beautiful sunset

    EcoStruxure™ Substation Operation

    Based on PACiS technology, powering the Digital Substation

  • Digital Substation

    Seamlessly integrated into EcoStruxure™ Grid, our Digital Substation is based on 3 core principles for an easier life.

  • Cybersecurity

    With multi-layered security, our solutions help protect, control, supervise, and automate mission-critical energy applications.

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    Cyber security
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    Our new Digital Substation solution combines interoperability, cybersecurity and connectivity, leveraging IoT to make your life easier and collect real-time information from the field to the enterprise level for asset management.

    How does it work for me?

    • Иконка интеграции Interoperability Ensure compatibility with your existing installed base and provide future-proof connectivity from design to implementation and operation with open engineering and open standards, including IEC 61850
    • Default Alternative Text Cybersecurity Manage and integrate more connected products without compromising security, thanks to our end-to-end cyber security and a holistic strengthening of the communication network at every level.
    • Default Alternative Text Simply Connected Take full advantage of the IoT environment, and digitize multiple points with innovative Smart Terminal Blocks, bringing simplicity for wiring, maintenance and testing.
      • The New World of Energy Discover how digitization, decarbonization, and decentralization are transforming the energy world.
      • Facing the storm Schneider Electric helps SA Power Networks keeps the electricity flowing in weather-battered Australia.
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