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Multi 9 phone interface

Multi 9 phone interface

  • Описание

    The TRC3 is designed to control electrical devices (heating, dissuasive lighting, etc.) via fixed telephone or GSM
    The TRC3 is designed to be installed by an electrical contractor

    Technical data

    • 3 separate outputs with changeover switch:
      - 2 A (230 V AC)
      - insensitive to power or telephone line cuts
      - status display via indicator (lit: On, unlit: Off).
    • Built-in telephone surge arrester (48 V):
    • Compatible with answering machine or fax.
    • Voice synthesis:
      - 5 languages (French, English, Italian, Spanish, German)
      - language selection using keys on front face.
    • The TRC3 is controlled either:
      - remotely (after 6 or 7 rings) using the keys on a telephone (fixed or GSM)
      - locally using keys of the TRC3 (override).
    • It can operate in delayed On/Off mode: 1 to 255-hour time delay.
    • Access code: code use indicator (lit: code active, unlit: code inactive).
    • The TRC3 is compatible with telephone networks in the following countries: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Great Britain, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Luxemburg, Norway, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland.


    • The TRC3 offers you comfort and savings. It allows remote control, via fixed telephone or GSM, of the functions of your installation, for example heating, for a period of up to 255 hours
    • The TRC3 does not require a specific telephone line. It is designed to operate problem-free with fax and answering machines
    • A choice of 5 languages for its speech synthesis facilitates its use in most European countries
    • Access to remote controls can be protected by code, to avoid untimely controls
    • Thanks to its built-in surge arrester, the TRC3 is protected against possible surges on the telephone line
    • Via push-buttons on the front face, the TRC3 also allows control of the circuits concerned locally


    The TRC is especially designed to control heating, lighting, automatic watering, etc, via the telephone network in residential and tertiary installations
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