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      Inductive proximity sensors Osiprox

      Suited to your environment

      Excellent resistance to cleaning operations
      Resistance to high pressure cleaning. Resistant to aggressive detergents, disinfection agents (Certified by Ecolab and Diversey laboratories).

      Exceptional resistance to aggressive substances:
      Acids and Mineral salts . FDA (Food & Drug Administration) validation, LNE (Laboratoire National d’Essais) validation.

      Extended temperature range
      Freezing: -25°C to Sterilisation: +100°C
      Long duration tests: +85°C proven

      Take the advantage of the stainless steel product range, in stock for you

      In a sector as Packaging and conveyor system zones, take the advantage of the plastic product range that is sufficient

      In a clean environment and only interested in the long sensing distance, take the brass product range.