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Автоматизация и управление

      Новости: Автоматизация и управление

      PLC Modicon M340

      900 pages and 45 test reports later, the Modicon M340 range was certified by BV (Bureau Veritas) according to the IACS norms (International Associations of Classification Societies).

      Modicon M340 can now be installed and operated on ships and offshore installations without additional approval procedures. Robust and reliable, it complies with the strict standards for marine and naval equipments.

      • For our customers: this certification is the warranty to buy products they can rely on for applications in severe environments and on-board applications of mobile equipments.
      • For the certification and lab teams: it is the reward for a common tough work and the acknowledgement of their competency and thoroughness.

      We are preparing the visit of the Royal Huisman Shipyards our BV certificate in the bag!