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Автоматизация и управление

      Новости: Автоматизация и управление

      TeSys U in the heart of a brick drying process in Italy

      Omega Automation, supplier of industrial supervisory and automation systems in the sectors of the iron and steel, drying and handling, chose TeSys U for the realization of a brick-making installation.

      TeSys U advantages
      TeSys U makes it possible to the bricks drying chain to operate 24h/24h, with a minimum maintenance and reduced stoppages. Its installation in the enclosures makes it possible to reduce considerably:

      • the amount of copper wire in the panel
      • enclosure sizes.
      TeSys U operate with Advantys STB to order the dryer fans. This combination is extremely simple to connect and also easy to maintain. The effective ventilation power is totally controlled by about 150 TeSys U’s installed inside the panel.