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    MV/LV Power Distribution and Centralized Facilities Management for Estádio de Luz

    For the brand new Estádio de Luz stadium, Schneider Electric has supplied a comprehensive solution spanning MV/LV power distribution and a centralized facilities management system. The solution delivers high availability of the electrical network, guaranteeing that organizers, players and spectators will all enjoy optimum safety and comfort throughout this premier event in the world of soccer.
    Portugal has hosted the Euro 2004 championship from June 12 to July 4, 2004. Sixteen teams have qualified for the competition, which is held every four years.

    As Euro 2004 host country, Portugal is welcoming visitors in grand style to ten new stadiums, in Porto, Braga, Coimgra, Faro, Leiria and two in Lisbon. Much more than simply venues where spectators sit and watch, modern-day stadiums have become veritable works of art.

    Estádio de Luz, the “gem of Euro 2004”
    The Estádio de Luz, or “Stadium of Light”, is a perfect example of this new breed of stadium. Designed by Australian architect Damon Lavelle-who signed the Olympic Stadium in Sydney, home to the 2000 games, as well as London’s stunning new Wembley stadium- Estádio de Luz has already been called “the gem of Euro 2004”, and “a contemporary cathedral”.

    The 65,000-square-meter arena has 65,400 seats and two giant 48-square-meter screens. Electrical power is of course indispensable to the functioning of this vast facility, requiring some 115 kilometers of electrical wiring to supply stadium utilities, including lighting, HDTV and radio transmission, sound systems, safety, air-conditioning, hot water production, smoke evacuation, and food and beverage outlets. All this demands 9 MVA of installed power, equivalent to the power consumption of a city of 25,000 inhabitants!

    All these electrical systems had to be designed to meet the double challenge of safety and uninterrupted service as stipulated by UEFA, the European Football Association. The problems to be resolved concerned deployment of resources to avoid any interruption in the electrical power supply, coupled with complete automation of all the operating processes.

    Through its Portuguese subsidiary, Schneider Electric played a pivotal role in designing the electrical network, which acts as the stadium’s central nervous system. The grid covers everything from the substation where power arrives, to final distribution, including the automated facilities management system. The network begins at the substations, where Portuguese power utility EDP delivers 12 kV power supply via two independent loops. Each loop supplies a MV/LV transformer substation, equipped with  Merlin Gerin SM6 protection cubicles and Trihal France Transfo transformers (630 to 1600 kVA). The transformers supply the building management systems, which in turn deliver power for all the stadium utilities.

    Backup power and security power supply essential for public facility are provided by electrical generators linked to a battery of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). To further strengthen service continuity, total selectivity has been configured between all protection devices on the main EDP supply substation and the distribution switchboards. Selectivity is enhanced by the use of standard products throughout the facility.

    Configuration of the MV/LV network and operating modes are controlled by the facilities management system, which comprises Telemecanique Premium PLCs and remote Momentum I/O on an Ethernet TCP/IP network. Monitoring is performed by four substations equipped with Monitor Pro software. The system displays animated graphics for operating technicians showing the entire network and detailed status information (MV/LV cubicles, circuit breakers, actuators, etc.), alarms, failures, operating times, plus voltage, intensity and power consumption data. A laptop can be plugged into any point in the Ethernet to quickly troubleshoot the system and implement corrective action.

    To successfully deliver this exceptional project, Schneider Electric Portugal coordinated a consortium team led by Philsystec. Philips Lighting was the lighting contractor and Schneider Electric installed electrical systems in partnership with Marobal (engineering and design), Monofásica and Gerco (contractors).

    The comprehensive electrical power distribution system and facilities management system combine to guarantee high reliability, safety and availability for all facilities. What’s more, the facilities management system allows easy control and significantly simplifies maintenance operations.

    Products and systems supplied by Schneider Electric
    • 19 Merlin Gerin MV SM6 cubicles equipped with Sepam protection and control relays
    • 7 Triahl France Transfo dry-type MV/LV transformers (630 to 1600 Kva)
    • 4 Merlin Gerin Prisma P BMS equipped with Masterpact and Compact NS circuit breakers and Powerlogic circuit monitors
    • 500 distribution switchboards equipped with Multi 9 modular busbars
    • 200 meters of Canalis prefabricated busbar trunking to power the field lighting system
    • Centralized facilities management system with 6,000 monitoring points comprising 4 monitoring substations (Monitor Pro) and 30 Premium and Momentum I/O PLCs on an Ethernet TCP/IP network
    • Easergy T200 control/monitoring system for the entire LV network supplied by power utility EDP.
    Schneider Electric has provided similar solutions for five other stadiums in Braga, Coimbra, Fara, Leiria and Porto.

    The contract amounts around 4 millions of Euros.

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