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    High-pressure gas fueling stations

    Schneider Electric in Switzerland, together with its partner GreenField, serves petrol stations distributing natural gas.

    Vehicles running on natural gas are reputed to be low polluting. In Germany, 1,000 petrol stations distributing natural gas are scheduled to be equipped over a period of 6 years.
    Greenfield natural gas fueling stations and Schneider Electric products will play a major part in these new facilities. The project's technical and operational requirements for control panels make Schneider Electric an essential partner for GreenField AG, the leading provider of turnkey natural gas fueling stations.

    > A Schneider Electric partner since its creation
    GreenField uses all types of Schneider Electric products and equipment.
    Schneider Electric builds systems for natural gas fueling stations using standard modules; from the complete filling station down to the gas fueling connector.

    > Schneider Electric's worldwide presence is a sizeable advantage
    "GreenField facilities are operated throughout the entire world, so it was therefore important to select an electrical equipment supplier that has a similar worldwide reach and has the capacity to provide local service. In addition, scheduling and finishing are simplified because everything comes from the same company.

    Schneider Electric products equipping natural gas fueling stations
    - "ATS 48" starters: Telemecanique, a Schneider Electric global brand.
    - TeSys "LC1D" series contactors: Telemecanique, a Schneider Electric global brand.
    - "Preventa" safety components: Telemecanique, a global Schneider Electric brand.
    - "ABL7" power supply units: Telemecanique, a Schneider Electric global brands.
    -"Compact NS" power circuit-breakers: Merlin Gerin, a Schneider Electric global brand.
    - "Multi 9" distribution system/busbars: Merlin Gerin, a Schneider Electric global brand.
    - "Sarel" distribution panels: Sarel, a Schneider Electric independent brand.

    > More about Schneider Electric in Switzerland
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