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    Initi@tive Automation & Control

    Schneider Electric has organized a seminar for customers who need highly effective automation solutions.

    This event coincides with celebrations marking Telemecanique’s 80 years of leadership.

    Twelve new product ranges will be launched during the seminar, including the new Unity platform of PLC processors and automation software.

    These ranges represent an R&D investment of euros 300 million over five years.

    Some 2,000 customers are currently attending Schneider Electric’s Initi@tive seminar in Brussels, where they have the opportunity to discover the best automation solutions.
    “The goal is to offer our customers, wholesalers, distributors and other intermediaries 40 high-level conferences and an exhibit presenting our technologies and our partners’ know-how,” explains Alain Marbach, Senior Vice-President Automation & Control. “Customers will be able to optimize their contacts as they choose between conferences, demonstrations and one-on-one conversations at the booths. Today’s multi-exhibitor trade shows are no longer as effective for presenting software and fostering multiple exchanges.”

    The new Unity platform of PLC processors and automation software

    The new Telemecanique brand Unity platform of PLC processors and automation software will be unveiled at Initi@tive. Unity was developed in response to the new challenges of automation. Today’s communication needs are such that applications can no longer be built without everyone involved in a project sharing their knowledge. Unity satisfies customers’ needs by providing new tools designed to enhance productivity.

    Unity is based on openness and collaboration between software at all stages in an application’s life cycle, i.e., design, implementation, operation and maintenance. It makes extensive use of web technologies, notably XML, and Microsoft languages such as VBA and Visio. Unity is so powerful that it not only complies with, but exceeds IEC 61131-3, the world-recognized European standard for automation software. It can handle manufacturing, batch and continuous process automation.

    Together with the new Modicon Premium, Atrium and Quantum PLC processors, Unity represents a new way of looking at software development and of operating automation devices, with customer productivity as the chief priority.

    Combined with Schneider Electric’s Transparent ReadyTM concept, Unity opens the door to a whole new world of Collaborative Automation.

    Developed by more than 400 experts in France, Germany and the United States, Unity is able to meet customer needs around the world.

    Introduction of new product ranges to enhance Schneider Electric’s leadership position

    Initi@tive also provides the opportunity to introduce new product ranges marketed under the Telemecanique name, Schneider Electric’s single, global brand for automation and control products. All these ranges comply with international standards. Compact, intelligent, flexible and open, they help simplify the deployment of performing automation solutions. “Simply Smart”, this is their philosophy.

    Advantys STB, FTB distributed input/output and automation components.

    Modicon TSX Micro entry-level multipurpose, open automation platform, also available for CAN bus.

    Magelis XBT G touch-screen graphical panels.

    Zelio Logic programmable modules for small automation devices.

    TeSys U direct motor starter smart device, up to 15 kW.

    Altivar 31 speed drive for asynchronous motors, from 0.18 to 15 kW.

    Twin Line comprehensive motion control solution.

    Harmony control and signaling unit.

    Global Detection simplified detection lineup.

    XPS-MC configurable multi-function safety controller.

    ACM wall-mounted metal enclosures.

    Numerous partners featured at this headline innovation in automation event
    Schneider Electric has also decided to showcase its partners at Initi@tive. These experts, who are leaders in their fields, design software or products that collaborate efficiently with the Telemecanique product universe.
    Featured partners: ACT’L, Anyware, Arc Informatique, Citect, Digit International, ECT International, MDTSoftware, Mynah Technologies, Prosoft Technology, SDProget, Spectrum Control and Software Logistics.

    Commenting on the seminar, Schneider Electric Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Henri Lachmann noted that “Discussions with our customers show that we have made the right technological choices and validate the quality and performance of our new automation products. The introduction of 12 new ranges, including Unity, illustrates our active product development, our ability to innovate and our commitment to providing increasingly effective solutions to customers’ productivity requirements.”

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