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    The Power Logic System awarded the gold medal in Bulgaria

    Winning collaboration between teams from Schneider Electric Bulgaria and the Electrical Distribution Management, under the Development-Industry Department made it possible to win the gold metal for the Power Logic System offer at the International Technical Fair in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
    This award is important as Bulgaria is an important development area for the Electrical Distribution Management teams who are looking to develop power metering and quality activities through the Power Logic offer deployment.
    A major initial installation was recently completed with the Power Logic System offer, together with other electrical distribution offers (SEPAM protective relays, in particular).
    The Schneider Electric offer was recognized for its easy implementation and innovative features, demonstrating a potential for major sales growth in Bulgaria.
    These were the key factors in winning the prize.

    Details of the Schneider Electric offer:
    - SMS visualization system
    - 5 EGX communication gateways
    - 7-4000 Circuit Monitors
    - 21-20/40 Series SEPAM
    - 35-500 Power Meters
    - 6-800 Power Meters.

    More about Schneider Electric in Bulgaria: