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    Schneider Electric EastMed meets a new challenge

    Schneider Electric EastMed is strengthening its position in the Energy market in Jordan by developing the "transaction mode" (sales of standardized medium-voltage products). This policy enables it to hold 70-80% of the Ring Main Unit* market in Jordan.

    This success is mainly due to:
    > The quality of the English Ringmaster offer;
    > The trusting relationship between the power companies and Schneider Electric;
    > Schneider Electric's position as the leader in this market;
    > Close collaboration between Schneider Electric in the EastMed area, Schneider Electric in UK and the Medium Voltage Product activity.
    There has been a direct impact on sales volume in Jordan, with end-2003 sales expected to exceed 400 units, i.e. approximately 1.5 euros million.
    Three calls for tenders from power companies have already been won, outcompeting some of our major competitors.

    In addition, with a concern for being closer to the customer, Schneider Electric in UK is now being supported by the EastMed subsidiary for its Ringmaster marketing. Up to now, it sold directly to customers in this part of the world. Production flows are being handled by the local team, which is now autonomously responsible for customer contact and order processing.
    The EastMed zone organization will thus be able to deliver directly to its customers in Jordan in the near future. Similar efforts are underway in Cyprus.
    This global/local approach is perfectly in line with the development of the "New Business model ":
    - Sales of standardized and approved Medium Voltge products;
    - Development of partnership policy with local players.

    Ring Main Unit* (RMU) :
    The RMU is a compact device used in open- and closed-loop networks to protect MV/LV transformers and to insulate a portion of the loop.