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    Schneider Electric involved in the launching of the Shenzhou 5 satellite

    As a long-term partner of the Chinese space industry, the local subsidiary participated from behind the scenes to the launching of the Shenzhou-5 satellite carried by an LM-2 spacecraft on October 15th.
    The XiChang satellite launch center, located in southwestern China, a two and a half hour flight from Beijing, has been using Schneider Electric solutions since 2000.
    XiChang falls within the scope of Schneider Electric China's Chengdu regional sales department (55 people, of which 34 sales engineers), which won 5 projects for the space industry, most of them in 2002 and 2003, for a total amount of USD 260K.
    Schneider Electric engaged the expertise it accumulated for the space industry, building on extensive experience with the Kourou launch center in French Guyana.

    The applications covered included:
    > The hydraulic system for the launch towers
    > Retrofit service for launch tower 2
    > The satellite observation station
    > The monitoring and control center
    >The distribution system for district 3.
    The supply mainly included air circuit breakers, moulded case circuit breaker, miniature circuit breaker, D2 contactors, GV2 motor circuit breakers, push-buttons and thermal overload relays.

    Apart from XiChang, which boasts more than 20 satellite launches since its inception in 1984, China counts two more launch centers, respectively in Jiuquan (on the southern border of the Gobi desert) and Taiyuan (650 km southwest of Beijing).
    Both centers have also been equipped with Schneider Electric products. All in all, 10 projects have been won for the space industry by the Chinese sales teams.

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