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    Contract for the Kaohsiung subway in Taiwan

    As part of a consortium with China Steel Corporation, and on behalf of the Kaohsiung Rapid Transit Corporation (KRTC), Schneider Electric will be participating in the construction of the 42.7 km subway in Kaohsiung, the second-largest city in Taiwan (population of 3 million).
    Schneider was selected for the contract, valued at 17.2 million euros, among some of its main competitors because of excellent coordination between Schneider Electric Taiwan's teams and that of the Contracting and Engineering Department based in France, together with that of our partner, China Steel Corporation, the lead contractor in the consortium.
    Equipment will be available starting in October 2004 at the site and the subway should begin service during 2007.

    > The Schneider Electric offer within this contract
    3 x 161kV HV metal-clad Vatech substations
    Control, monitoring and protection panels of 161KV substation
    22KV metal-clad panels (224 cubicles will be manufactured by Schneider Electric in Italy)
    82 x RMU-type 22KV panels
    Harmonics filters from our sister company Rectiphase
    Contract management and all engineering studies
    Supervision of assembly, testing and training.